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Chip Tuning Frequently asked questions

Q.. I have little or no mechanical skills, can I fit one of these chips?
A.. If you can change the battery in the TV remote you can do this! It only requires some very simple tools & all chips come with step by step photo instructions.
Q Can you fit it for me?
A.. Yes, you can send us your ECU & we can fit & return it to you for only £25 + P&P (please email for details).
Q.. Are all tuning chips the same?
A.. No. Do not be tempted to buy cheap generic chips that can damage your engine, especially from the US, as they have been developed on US spec vehicles that are different to ROW (rest of world) vehicles. Our chips are developed on Euro spec vehicles & fuels. If you have a US spec. vehicle we can supply suitable chips.
Q.. Can you supply me with a custom chip for my particular application ?
A.. Yes, just email us with as much information as possible and we will advise you on the price of your setup.
Q.. Will the chip damage my engine or transmission?
A.. No, all power increases are well within the capabilities of a standard engine & transmission. All the normal safety features of the ECU system are left in place such as Temperature & Nock sensors.
Q.. Do you guarantee power gains?
A.. It is impossible to guarantee results as no two vehicle engines are exactly the same or in optimum condition. Other factors such as air temperature & altitude need to be considered. We will guarantee you won't be disappointed.
Q.. Can I return my car to standard again?
A.. Yes, just re-fit your original chip.
Q.. What grade fuel should I use?
A.. For maximum results you should use the best fuel available 98 octane, but your car will still run ok on lower grade fuel but not to its full potential.
Q.. Will my fuel consumption be effected?
A.. Under normal driving your fuel consumption it will be better!
Q.. Do your chips have a warranty?
A.. We will guarantee the chip for as long as you own the vehicle.
Q.. Is a 'chip' the same as an 'EPROM'?
A.. Yes, a chip is the usual word used, but the chip is in fact an "Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory" device, an EPROM
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