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Porsche 928 S4, GT, CS/SE & GTS 1986-1994

This chip upgrade for the 928 will really bring your car to life, giving it a much improved throttle response and more refined power throughout the rev range. It also safely raises the rev limiter by +200rpm.

The 928’s have two ECU’s, one is known as the LH, this controls the fuel injection & the other is the EZK, which controls the ignition. We therefore supply you with 2 modified chips, one for each unit.

The 928 requires specialist knowledge to chip successfully as there are many different ECU's fitted to the range with different chip codes for each ECU.

If you buy a "generic" chip that just quotes a year model for your car you will be disappointed.

For this reason we will need not only your ECU numbers, but the code number that is printed on your original ECU Chip.

If you know this information then include it in your order if not we will email you detailed instructions once ordered on how to find it & will take you takes approx 20 mins.

This information will ensure that we supply you with the optimum fuel & ignition maps for your car for maximum safe results.

Please ask for advice if you are unsure.

Vehicle Model ECU Number HP Torque Price  
928 S4 1986-91 5.0ltr ALL +15 +18 £150 inc P & P Buy This Chip
928 GT 1989-91 5.0ltr ALL +15 +18 £150 inc P & P Buy This Chip
928 CS/SE 1988-89 5.0ltr ALL +15 +18 £150 inc P & P Buy This Chip
928 GTS 1992-94 5.4ltr ALL +15 +18 £150 inc P & P Buy This Chip

Our Chip prices include shipping to anywhere in the world!

All our chips are in stock and will be dispatched within 24 hrs.

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